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    A Letter From Our Pastor

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    Church. There's a word that means a lot of things to  people. 

    For some, it's a word of baggage. All these folks know of the Church is the irrelevance, prudishness, and hypocrisy of the Church of their youth. For others, it's a word of mystery. All these people think about the Church is that it's just another generic, anonymous, do-gooder institution, like the Boy Scouts or Rotary Club...but weirder.

    Then for some, Church is a word of hope. 

    For these people Church is the place where their family was cared for. Church is the place where their kids were welcomed and loved. Most importantly, Church is the place where they began to understand just how real, and awesome God is, and how much He loves them. I'm one of those people. The Church changed my life, and I haven't looked back since.

    I don't know which of those people you are, maybe none of them, or perhaps a mix of all of them! Wherever you find yourself in life as you read this though, it's my hope and prayer that you'll come experience a Sunday morning with us at Faith Baptist. I know the idea of showing up at Church can be pretty intimidating, after all us Christians can be weird sometimes (but not as weird as the movies make us look, I promise). So let me give you a quick overview of what you can expect to experience when you join us on a Sunday. 

    Free Food-

    Just like you, we like free stuff. And just like you, we can't focus until we've had our coffee in the morning. So we brew our own right here at Church and provide a variety of pastries for your enjoyment. Why? Becuase we like food and free stuff! We mentioned that right? Before our service starts at 10:30 you'll find us enjoying some free food and coffee in our Faith Cafe. We'll look forward to meeting you and enjoying some coffee together.


    We believe that our Church will become a place that your whole family is excited to show up at come Sundays. We offer loving, and safe environments for your kids from birth through 5th grade to experience the love of Jesus. Our Children's volunteers make the Bible come alive through storytelling, crafts, games, and more! All of our volunteers have passed a background check, and there are check-in and check-out procedures in place to ensure the safety of your kids.


    At 10:30 our worship experience will kick off as we sing songs together celebrating our God and all He's done in our lives. Our songs are a mix of some classic hymns of our faith and more contemporary expressions of worship. After we've sung four to six songs together I'll teach a lesson from the Bible that you might hate, disagree with, or dismiss, but I promise you won't find it boring! We'll wrap things up by 11:45 each week, and will always get you out in time to watch the Bears during football season.

    So that's it. If you've got any other questions about what visiting our Church will be like for your family I invite you to give me a call or shoot me an email, I'd love to begin getting to know you. I'll look forward to seeing you this Sunday and welcoming you to the place that I really believe can change your life forever, after all, it did mine.

    See you Sunday,
    Pastor Grant
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