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    Where We've Been

    For 172 years Faith Baptist Church was located in downtown Batavia and known as First Baptist Church Batavia. Over the course of its life at the downtown location First Baptist Church had an extensive ministry to the residents of Batavia and its surrounding cities. In October 2008 First Baptist Church relocated to its current location in the expansive Mill Creek neighborhood west of downtown Batavia and became Faith Baptist Church. 

    Where We Are

    When First Baptist became Faith Baptist it was with the intent to reach a new group of people with the message of God's love that were not being reached at the downtown location. Specifically, the move was made with the hopes that Faith Baptist could reach the next generation with the good news of the Gospel. As our congregation grows our makeup continues to change. Currently we are made up of anywhere between 65 to 85 worshipers on any given Sunday as well as 212 members. Our congregation is a multi-generational one where you'll find seniors worshiping and serving alongside older families, and younger families.

    Where We're Going:

    Although we don't mind talking about where we've been and where we are, we're most excited to share with you about where we're going. We look forward to the day when Faith Baptist's sanctuary will be packed full on Sunday mornings for our worship experience and are prayerfully confident that day is near. We look forward, and are working toward, the day when Faith Baptist will be known as a church that is changing lives and transforming communities with the radical hope of the gospel.  

    Where You Fit

    As excited as we are to share some of our history with you we're so much more excited about the possibility of you becoming a part of where we're going. We hope that you'll come and join us this Sunday for our worship experience. You'll get to know us a lot better there than you can here on the website. If you're still curious about our church you can learn more about our ministries, and listen to the latest sermon right here on the website. See you Sunday!


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