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    You might be wondering...

    Will I be asked to do anything weird at the service?

    Nope! As a visitor you can become as anonymous, or as recognized as you'd like to be during our service. If you're just wanting to slip in the back and scoot out right when service ends we've got some seats saved just for you (though we hope that after a few Sunday's you'll let us get to know you some!) If you enjoy the service and want us to follow up with you and get you some more information about our Church you can fill out a connection card located on the back of a chair around you and we'll follow up with you later in the week. 

    Am I going to be judged?

    Nope! Church sometimes gets a reputation as a sort of country club where all the "good" people gather. I'm not sure why since our Church isn't full of perfect people, but sinners in need of a Savior. Don't be fooled by the smiles and nice clothes, we've sinned with the best of them. Jesus once said that He didn't come for the healthy people but the sick ones. Faith Baptist is a collection of unhealthy people looking to Jesus to make us well each Sunday. There's no judgment here.

    Speaking of clothes, will I have to wear anything fancy?

    Tuxedos and formal gowns are required for entrance to FBC. Just kidding. Wear whatever you feel like wearing to our service, if you'd like to dress up you'll find some other people dressed up. If you'd like to dress down you'll find plenty of people dressed down. If it's football season and you want to rock the Bears jersey, go for it (I've been known to preach in my beloved Cowboys jersey).

    How long will the service last?

    Our services last about 75 minutes. 

    What about my kids?

    We've got your kids taken care of. We offer safe and secure childcare from birth through 5th grade, all of our volunteers have completed background checks and are excited for the opportunity to get to know your kids!

    Where are you located?

    We are located right on the corner of Main Street Batavia and South Mill Creek Drive in the neighborhood Mill Creek. Our address is . 

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